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Aside from historical items we also sell decorations for you or your living arrangements made out of natural materials like leather, wood, stones, rope, thread and fabric.  Just the stuff to add the right feeling to your house or to make an outfit just “that bit more” as with our other products all items are handmade with the greatest care for detail.
As seen in the pictures we use a lot of symbolism in our accessories, we add a description of the meaning and use of these symbols and ancient writing methods to every order that contains them.

As an example I will highlight the use of the runic alphabet and symbolism.

Runes can be used as an alphabet or as symbols of a certain meaning, in ancient times (and in some modern witchcraft and asatru) the runes where also used as a method of fate telling by reading the runes and by combining runes into a bind rune or rune stave certain benefits (or the opposite) could be given to the bearer of the bind rune or stave.
A seperate rune could be used as a talisman or token of many things, for example othala could be worn as a symbol for odin or thurisas for thor, but also for their meaning or power like fehu for wealth or tiwaz for victory.

According to norse mythology odin learned the runes while he hung by a spear from the tree Yggdrasill as can be seen in these verses from the Hávamál:

Veit ek at ek hekk
vindga meiði á
nætr allar níu
geiri undaðr
ok gefinn Óðni
sjálfr sjálfum mér
á þeim meiði
er manngi veit
hvers hann af rótum renn

I know that I hung
upon a windy tree
for nine whole nights,
wounded with a spear
and given to Othinn,
myself to myself for me;
on that tree
I knew nothing
of what kind of roots it came from.