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Even in a time before the use of glass was widely known the protection of feet was necessary, any wound could get infected and with limited healthcare it was better to prevent any damage as “the saga of sigurd eyesteison” illustrates (spoiler: he was killed by the teeth of a severed head scraping his leg and the infection this created)

Shoes started out as a one piece leather tied around the foot with leather straps or rope, as time went by the models of shoes got more and more complicated, and models like turn shoes and boots came to be known in a wider range. Hand made leather shoes do wear out their soles more easily than modern rubber soled shoes but are very easy to re-sole. At Forest Folk we offer a range of historical shoes from Celtic sandals to medieval boots, all hand made to fit perfectly.
We use the thickest cow hides for the soles and more flexible cow, pig or goat hides for the upper shoe.
We try to keep the coloration of the leather as close to what is known from historical evidence as we can but some ways of tanning have changed radically so only the undyed leather is completely accurate.

Aside from leather shoes we also sell indoor fabric or felt slippers in ancient models with the choice of adding leather outer soles, needle bound socks as found in many Viking graves, woven and or stitched leg wraps as worn by the Vikings, Saxons and Normans and fabric leg pieces.
As with our other products many options are possible, please feel free to contact us for any custom designs.